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Oy vei… the Bikeology Ride-Up Movie is awash with change – even the NAME!! …

keep up, kids, we’ve moved the location to Edmonton Bicycle Commuters, South Side Location, 9:30 onwards, because, yes, the PARK is CLOSED!….so join us (and NOT all the mozzies and NOT outside), on September 6, 9:30 for a viewing of Grand Budapest Hotel, which my fine friends, has bicycles in it…yes indeed…

Oy vei… the Bikeology Ride-In Movie is awash with change… to SEPTEMBER, AND LATER, kids… so join us (and NOT all the mozzies), on September 6, 9:30 for a viewing of Grand Budapest Hotel, which my fine friends, has bicycles in it…yes indeed…

SO, hope to see you then, there, at Victora Park Cricket pitch where we will not be inundated with mosquitos, nor threatened with storms…

Oh, Alberta weather… how you mock us…

Catching up…
I’m taking a short break from the fourth article in my “Bikeological Musings” series. In the meantime, I’d like to share another piece of bike writing from a few years back. I think it fits in pretty well with the current series.

The Comfortable Mass

For thirteen years, Edmonton’s Bike Month has dominated my springtime. I have co-organized eco-fairs and movie screenings, produced bike shorts, promoted, staffed and administrated events for cyclists. I’ve written thousands of words extolling the bicycle as a vehicle for sustainable cities, living local and healthier, happier people.

I’ve been so busy I have barely had time to get on a bike. So, I translate and wonder about the full-time transportation cyclist’s special connections: to their ride and each other.

One evening, after Bikeology: Movie Monday at the old, downtown Metro Cinema location, I experienced the transformative magic myself. It was a rare night I had my bike, and a group of us found ourselves outside at the rack, heading home in the same direction. I had no headlights and was glancing worriedly at the slowly setting sun. My friends said we would ride together.

I felt the power of the peloton as the five or six of us occupied a whole lane on the almost empty road. Leaders dropped back to chat as others glided into the head position. I stayed centre and let my pack light my way. I felt energized by the silence and calmed by the cheerful camaraderie.

In the warm gloam of a late-June evening, we were a group of speedy ghosts, free and purposeful, experiencing our city from outside its conventions.

Barbara J. Allard
Edmonton, Alberta

Hey Folks, it’s time for another Meandering Market ride to 124th. As usual, we are going to meet at redbike at 6:15ish on Thursday July 31st and leave at 6:30pm to head to the 124th Grand Market. Then afterwards, we are going to get refreshments at Daravara. Bring your cruiser bike, single speed or whatever for a fun ride… See you there?

Heyo BikeWriters… Join us to Robert’s place to write tonight at 6 – join us at: 11602 – 103 Street.  We welcome everyone and here’s something to chew on too:

McCauley Writers Atlas chapbook series is seeking submissions for our summer issue on the theme of Bicycles and Cycling!

We are seeking stories, poems, letters, postcards, comics, drawings, quotes, memes, maps, photos, found art and other creative musings about one of the greatest inventions of all time – the bicycle.

Please send submissions to:

McCauley Writers Atlas
C/O McCauley Apartments
B08, 9541 108A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5H 4G8

Or email to

Deadline for submissions is Thursday July 31, 2014.

Everyone whose work is published in the McCauley Writers Atlas will receive copies of the publication.

For more info call 780 424 2870.