Bike Month Calendar

Bikeology Festival was founded in collaboration with Edmonton’s environmental community, and we are pleased to continue the tradition!

Head down to Earth’s General Store on Sunday, April 27 to get the first scoop on Bikeology Festival 2014 and Edmonton’s burgeoning Bike Month calendar. If you want a fun “velo-teer” opportunity, we offer that too.

Get ready to ride for transportation and fun this summer!

Edmonton’s summer festivals and outdoor markets make great destinations for a bicycle outing, and our river valley trail network is world famous!

The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society provides expert training on the necessary topics: riding in traffic, maintaining and modifying your bike, choosing your gear and more. We are teaming up to help you make your summer cycling dreams come true!

Edmonton Earth Day Festival 2014
Sunday, April 27th
Noon to 4:00 PM
Earth’s General Store and Area in Front of the Store
9605 – 82nd Avenue

You can find a sweet new ride for the summer at the Alberta Bike swap Ltd.. Chris and Laura and dozens of volunteers provide an amazing resource for you to change out that bike that is too small or too old or too red…

They focus on adult bikes, and are LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS for the May 10 gig they have going on in Edmonton at Glengarry Arena, 13340-85 St Edmonton. You can also follow them here for more deets!

Here’s what’s going down May 10…
Volunteer needs: starting about 7:30 running til the sale end, contact Chris and Laura for more information (
Bike intake: 8:00-2:00PM (that means there’s lots of time for you to get yer bike there for trading)
Sale: 2:30 PM. (that means there’s time for you to browse and buy)

Their goals:
Give used bike sellers a safe and convenient venue for access to thousands of buyers
Give used bike buyers access to hundreds of safe bikes in one visit
Generate funds to support local safe cycling initiatives in Alberta

The Earth Day folks welcome you to join them for an Earth Day celebration on April 27 from 12-4 pm at Earth’s General Store.  Here’s the deets….

About Earth Day:

Earth Day started in 1970. It was when the US government was pressured by citizens to create legislation to protect the environment like the clean water and clean air act. The creation of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) also came out of this realization that we needed mechanisms and legislation to protect the environment.

Earth Day is a day to mark this shift and to keep up the awareness that more needs to be done. The environment needs our help – now and always. We can all do many little things to reduce our ecological footprint and we can do some major things to help move our governments to enact legislation to provide more protection for the environment – voting is a good place, phoning or writing to your elected and not elected ‘officials’, talking with your co-workers and neighbours, and becoming an activist (a person that acts on their knowledge or beliefs).

About the Event:

This is an Edmonton Earth Day event ( and It is taking place at Earth’s General Store as a matter of convenience. Next year it will be a different location.

Earth Day gives us a day to get together as a concerned community of citizens to share, identify our place in creating a better world, have fun, and to learn more stuff.
There will be educational booths, workshops, music, food, and friends (new and old ones).
We look forward to seeing you there.

Though the ‘official’ Earth Day is April 22nd it is often celebrated on a weekend around that time. We decided to host this event the weekend following the 22nd so that we are not competing with Easter Celebration and we might have ‘nicer’ weather. (A week can make a significant difference in temperature – hell 15 minutes in Edmonton could make a significant difference in temperature and weather :) .

Edmonton is blessed to have two Earth Day events being planned for Earth Day week. You can get more information about the other celebration at

How you can help:

Please join us.
Help share the news, by sharing this event notice and inviting your friends.

If you wish to be involved in future Earth Day events, please send us an email at We are entirely volunteer driven and will get back to you when we can. Thanks!

John Janzen Nature Centre and Bikeology presents: Wild Things and Mud Monsters! with bikes!!

Who’s invited: Edmonton and Area Families and cyclists of all ages

Event Date: Sunday May 25th, 2014

Event Time: 11 am –3 pm

Event Location: John Janzen Nature Centre

Facility Address: 7000-143 Street

Whitemud Drive & Fox Drive
Shared parking lot with Fort Edmonton Park

Facility Operating Hours: 10 am –5 pm

Admission Price(s): General Admission Rates apply

Event Description: Join us in ensuring that all Edmonton children and families get outside and play! Grab your torch and explore on a Wild Safari, or take a bicycle ride on the wild side through the River Valley. Meet some wacky wonderful bugs, or some animal friends visiting from the Zoo. We have a special treat too! A FREE photo booth, and a live puppet show with KayBridge Puppets.

We are getting geared up to celebrate Bikeology and Bike Month in June. Ride your bike to the event and you will receive a package of local seeds, and the chance to win a free annual family pass to the John Janzen Nature Centre

You may have noticed some changes with the Bikeology: Festival event line up… indeed there have been some dramatic ones..  We bring you more…

Foody Fridays – rather than limiting ourselves to a mere 2 hour breakfast, we decided we want to host one breakfast to launch the month, then ride around EVERY Friday to a breakfast location, then a lunch one AND THEN an evening one… we’re planning to ride, twitter, eat and repeat every single FRIDAY in June and you should join us at the restos to which we plan to go, twitter with us (virtually or actually), celebrating bicycles, food, local fabo restaurants, and the fact that our fuel is not only yummy but good for us too!

We’re planning a bit of an itinerary and a perhaps meet up location or two for every Friday in June, so keep your shoes on and stoke that hunger in your belly!

We are also interested in learning of new restaurants, so be sure to let us know if you have a favourite, new or old!