Bikeology Events 2015

Wondering where we’ve been?  We’ve been re-aligning our processes, putting out fires, thinking about strategies, and wondering about our place in the world. Don’t panic!  We aren’t going away. We are just clearing the field for YOU and your beloved bikey projects! What’s going on in the #yegbike scene? Here’s … Keep reading

Bikeological Method and Pretty Car Thoughts

I am discussing how bicycle celebration leads to more transportation choices year-round. A history lesson has revealed two separate transportation timelines that Edmonton has straddled for more than half a century. Bikeology. n. Joyous observance of the world’s most efficient mode of transportation and its transformative effect on our human … Keep reading

Bikeological Musings and Bike Month Advancements

I’m explaining how a month-long celebration of bicycles leads to more transportation choices year round. A look at some of Edmonton’s multimodal transportation history is helpful. Edmonton’s Alternate Transportation Timelines In 1913, Edmonton opened our High Level Bridge, a uniquely multimodal engineering feat that was among the highest river crossings … Keep reading