Bike Month 2016

It’s that time again.  Bike Month 2016.

What’s happening? Well, that’s up to you.  What are you doing/arranging/planning/scheming for Bike Month?

Here at and VELOfest, we are going to go out riding, so will be winding down the shop.  We have looked around us and we see so many exciting bikey things going on! We are proud and satisfied to have been a part of making Edmonton the #yegbike place it is. We know that other groups and other people are picking up our mantle and taking it for a test-drive (so to mix metaphors).

What do OUR changes mean for YOU?

  • We’ll continue with previous commitments, but will be winding them down,
  • If you have an event you want on our calendar, let us know and we’ll get it on in a timely manner,
  • We’ll attend your events if you give us some lead time,
  • We’ll forward your information to the appropriate groups, including, but not limited to: The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society (info[at]edmontonbikes[dot]ca) and the Bike Traffic Reporter, Karly Coleman who shows up on Peter Chapman’s show, Full English Breakfast.  You can reach Karly and Peter at bike[at]cjsr[dot]com.

Otherwise, may the wind always be at your back!

Kind regards, the VELOfest team

Critical Lass Edmonton: Bike Month Ride

Meeting place: Bicycle Bottleneck (bike racks at corner of 109th Street and 88th Avenue, beside the Garneau lamppost). Critical Lass Edmonton is an inclusive monthly ride in street clothes for women, on a novice-friendly route that changes each month!

Word on the street is the route is going to be to 124 Street and this month’s ride is suggested co-ed to support the businesses and galleries in the area who’ve been hit hard by the 102nd Ave bridge closure.  Once the route’s been determined, we’ll post it about!

Bike Month versus Bikeology and WTF re: Velofest…

Fraught with confusion since the beginning, it behooves us to explain (now that we’ve revamped our style and look) what the differences between these three entities are!

Bike Month:

  • Generally a month (or 30 days) of activities centred around bicycles
  • Typically in May or June, depending on the latitude at which one resides… Florida = May… Edmonton… you get the picture.
  • Often includes events like breakfasts, rides, movies, etc.


  • The Edmonton specific designation to the Festival that resided in Bike Month
  • Typically hosted by various groups which were then melted into one – Velofest Edmonton
  • Often includes events like breakfasts, rides, movies, etc. HOWEVER, the “Bikeology” designation was intended to indicate the event’s free status, whereas other events, just lurking in Bike Month, but not organized by the Bikeology crew could have costs attached.  A fine example for comparison is happening soon!  The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society lovely, lovely Ride to the Symphony, which can include tickets to the Symphony, supper ahead of time, and leisurely drinks on the way.  Compare this to the Bikeology: Bikey Breakfast, hosted by Earth’s General Store, which featured free pancakes and a hot drink!

VELOfest Edmonton League and Organization:

  • The non-profit group that runs Bikeology, which hosts events in Bike Month, which is in June in Edmonton, because in June, we may not get snow…

Bike Month is here again!

Ah, the sweet scent of bicycle grease and handlebar tape.  The delightful sounds of pedals whirring round and round and round.  The less exciting feel of a new (or new to the season of cycling) saddle, piercing your tender bits just where they’re tenderest.

Yes, folks, it’s Bike Month in Edmonton, and there are amazing events happening all around town.  Or, if you don’t find what you want to do, YOU can make it happen.

Wanna ride about and drink coffee?  Send us a bit o’info about your route and we’ll post it.  Wanna pedal to Devon, throw your bicycle in a canoe and float down the river, but want to go with someone?  Let us know, we’ll post it for you.  Know of any bikey happenings we don’t have on the calendar (hey, sorry the links were broke earlier, but we fixed that!), you know what to do now!

See you in the bike lanes, or trails, or roads, or parks…

Bike Month Events

Eep!  Turns out when things change, it’s important to keep abreast of what’s changed…

As you may remember, there was a calendar of events that were hosted by Bikeology: Festival, to which you could merrily go and meet other bikey folk.  This calendar was updated to reflect the new look and feel of the  website, BUT we forgot that changes to one end meant changes to other ends… in this instance the CALENDAR!… Sigh… this weekend we’ll be working frantically to populate it!!  Trust us, there ARE EVENTS HAPPENING IN Bike Month.  Promise and they start tomorrow with the MEC Bikefest, from 11-2 p.m.