We are grateful to the following wonderful donors and sponsors:

Sponsorship Opportunities

We get by with a lot of help from our friends.

As VELO continues to grow, we rely on the support of our community to reliably put on each of the events we concoct. Want to sponsor Bikeology? Here is what we can offer you:

  • General visibility for your business
  • Exposure to Edmonton’s cycling communities & like-minded demographics
  • Representation on our website and links to yours
  • Representation of your business on our printed promotional materials (handlebar flyers, event posters, press packages)
  • Mentions by the Bicycle Traffic Reporter on CJSR
  • Opportunity to display your banner at our events
  • Announcements at our events recognizing your support

Categories of Sponsorship

  • Partners – Mainstay annual supporters
  • Founding Partners – Key folks that were around the table to launch and evolve the Bikeology Festival
  • Hub Level Sponsors – annual donation of materials, in-kind or dollars exceeding $5000.00 a year
  • Gear Level Sponsors – annual donation of materials, in-kind or dollars between $1,000 & 4,999 a year
  • Spoke Level Sponsors – annual donation of materials, in-kind or dollars between $100 & 1,000 a year

We have the following partners (in alphabetical order):

  • Alberta Bicycling Association (ABA) — the provincial body governing cycling in Alberta, ABA works with us to apply for grants and supply speakers for Bikeology Dialogues
  • Credo Café — the wonderful folks at Credo Café graciously provide space for Bikeology Salons
  • City of Edmonton — is integral to Bikeology activities. Without the City’s in-kind support, the Bikeology Festival would have been greatly diminished. City of Edmonton staff have provided the festival with funding, road closures and advertising, and have been integral to its organization.
  • Dacapo Caffe — rides to the symphony, espresso, Bikeology Salons, Bikey Breakfasts… what haven’t they done for us?
  • Earth’s General Store — has long supported VELO’s endeavours by assisting with promotion, support, and resources from their sister organization: Ecology Systems Information Society. This organization provides information and equipment for event planning and execution. Earth’s General Store provides resources and enthusiasm for all of our Bikeology events.
  • Edmonton Arts Council — has provided major funding for the Bikeology Festival. Without their tremendous assistance, the festival could not have been held. Haroo for arts in Edmonton!
  • Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society (EBC) — provides the funds, expertise, energy and support of their volunteers, helping to ensure that events are organized and delivered largely car-free. In addition to funding, EBC has provided the services of a volunteer coordinator for the entire Bikeology Festival month and key material support such as trailers and bike racks.
  • Elm Café — mmm, yummy yummy Elm Cafe… breakfast-y velo love, offered up with panache and style
  • Metro Cinema — provides a hip central venue for the screening of our Bikeology Monday Night Movies, as well as help in sourcing new, innovative, educational, and exciting velo-love movies This collaboration also brings participants to the heart of downtown Edmonton in the evenings.
  • Music is a Weapon — pedal powered parties have become a watchword for this group and ours! We are delighted to have Music is a Weapon on board helping us move cycling forward.
  • Rainbow Bridge Communications Company (RBCC) — is integral to Bikeology, and a vital part of the VELO activities since its inception. Executive Director, Barb Allard sits on the VELO board and produces and provides Bike Shorts – snippets of locally produced cycling related vignettes – shown prior to the main movie at the Bikeology Monday Night movies.
  • Solar Energy Society of Alberta — since the Bikeology Festival’s inception the Solar Energy Society has provided solar-derived power, and we are very grateful for their support.
  • The Sugarbowl Cafe — the fabo Sugarbowl has been on board with Bikey Breakfasts for 2 years now, and it’s been a splendid (and tasty) partnership!

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