Local Bike Store Day

Inspired by the smashing success that Record Day has been for independent record stores, VELO launched Local Bike Store Day in 2013. Local Bike Store Day is slated to be an internationally celebrated day observed the second Thursday of June each year. Its purpose is to celebrate the contributions that independent bicycle stores make: encouraging local jobs, providing local services, ensuring cycling is accessible and affordable everywhere to everyone.


Most of all, Local Bike Store Day is intended to bring together the community and independent bike stores from around the world, starting here in Edmonton. We also hope that this day will eventually be celebrated globally with thousands of cyclists feeling the velo-love at their local bike stores.

How do you participate? EASY!

  1. Go to your local indie bike shop.
  2. Get a head start on your bike maintenance or pimp your ride by adding some bikey bling
  3. Maybe even get yourself a bike (did you know the perfect number of bicycles is N+1, where N represents the number of bikes you currently own).
  4. Have a bevie, eat a cookie.
  5. Go for a ride!

What more could you want? Bling, bikes, bevies… it’s all there, all day.


POTENTIALLY Participating Stores

If you have a bike store in your neighbourhood, ask them to participate! They can contact us for more details on how to get involved.

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