June is Bike Month

It’s no surprise that June is our favourite month of the year! More information about how you can enjoy a plethora of bike-related activities throughout the month of June, coming soon! If you’ve got an event idea, scroll to the bottom of the page to learn how you can host an event. Some typically scheduled events you can look forward to in June include:

Bikeology: Bike Movie Monday at Metro Cinema

In which we host a bikey movie at the wonderful Metro Cinema! We have even developed our very own Bikeology Movie Rating Guide which in no way aligns with the Alberta Censorship Board, but will help you gauge the bikeyness of the movie. Our patented rating shows you how integral to the plot line bicycles are!

–    Bicycles show up randomly in the movie

– Bicycles show up a good 50% of the time in the movie

– Bicycles are the main theme of the movie

Bikeology: Bikey Breakfast

Out for an early morning ride? Going to work or school or practice? Woke up early and are pondering possibilities? Have a gap in your schedule between 7 – 9 a.m.? Check out to our Bikey Breakfasts where you can find tasty food and beverages provided by local restaurants, information about cycling in Edmonton, a listing of all the events happening during Bike Month, AND have your bicycle checked by one of our cheery mechanics.

Bikeology: Foodie Fridays

We recognize that some folks just don’t have time to stop… they wanna get where they are going and we might want to go with them! So we created Foodie Fridays with the intent of gathering hordes of cyclists, riding to one or several restaurants every Friday ALL DAY (or for the major meal portions) and then #yegbike -ing the heck out of the ride, the resto, the meal, and the groovy time had by all…EVERY Friday in June!

Bikeology: Commuter Challenge Race

Held during the Commuter Challenge, this race demonstrates the efficiency of various modes of transportation. It’s a friendly competition where we invite participants (including you!) to use various transportation modes (bus, car, bicycle, skateboard, walking/jogging, roller blading, camel) to make their way from a starting location to a finish line in downtown Edmonton. We have developed a highly scientific bagel unit of energy to determine the efficiency of your transportation choice. And, of course, bagels are part of the light breakfast you can look forward to at the finish line.

Bikeology: Festival at Churchill Square

You can learn more about the Bikeology Festival here.

Bikeology: Mocktails on the Bridge

If early mornings aren’t your stchick and coffee not a draw, then drop by the Handle Bar at the High Level Bridge for a pedal-powered smoothie and a chance to catch up on local goings-on in the bikey world.

Bikeology: Outdoor Ride-In Movie

A simple concept really, it’s a drive-in movie for bicycles, powered by bicycles. The movie is often preceded by music, until it’s dark enough to see the screen (I know, hey?). Bring your own snacks, mozzie repellant, blankets, and something warm and dry to sit on. If you have any suggestions for what bikey film you’d like to see, tell us!

BikeWriters’ Nights

Wax poetic about your ride! The Bikewriters’ Nights take place at Mike’s Bikes and Beans, where our host Mike makes his living ensuring Edmontonians have access to bicycles by either selling bicycles or fixing bicycles. And when he’s not fixing, or out riding, he’s writing! Join the Bikeology Gears and Mike whilst they wax lyric about their favourite object – the bicycle. And Mike makes a mean coffee, just saying…

Coffee Tour of Edmonton

Derek Pluim invites you to join him on his quest for the perfect coffee. Be there to quell your coffee addiction in the most pleasant of ways! Derek says: “some people believe that there isn’t enough coffee in the world for them to become a morning person. I intend to test the validity of that statement. Join me for an invigorating mid-morning ride as we meander our way to some of Edmonton’s best local coffee shops.”

Local Bike Store Day

Local Bike Store Day is slated to be an internationally celebrated day observed the second Thursday of June each year. Its purpose is to celebrate the contributions that independent bicycle stores make: encouraging local jobs, providing local services, ensuring cycling is accessible and affordable everywhere to everyone.

Critical Lass

Critical Lass is an inclusive monthly ride for female cyclists in street clothes, on a route suitable for novice riders, to promote cycling as an approachable, fun, everyday activity, organized by the Loop-Frame Love co-bloggers in Edmonton since June 2010.

Kidical Mass

What, you ask, is a Kidical Mass? It’s a lighthearted family- and kid-centred group ride that is now running in most North American cities. Once again hosted by the lovely ladies at Loop-Frame Love. The first ride was held in April 2008 in Eugene, Oregon and has now spread to over a dozen communities throughout North America and it debuted in Edmonton last year. The rides are meant to be family friendly bike rides through a community. All types of bikes, trailers, trail-a-bikes, Xtracycles, longtails, bakfiets, Long Johns, tandems, folders, trikes, and whatever rolls are welcome! We celebrate the fact that Kids are Traffic Too and aim for family fun on vehicles that don’t hurt the future! It’s just another excuse to pedal around town with your family.

MEC Bikefest

MEC loves bikes, and throwing a party in their honour. Come join the fun and connect with your local cycling community. You can try out gear, test ride a new bike, browse exhibitors’ booths, score deals at the MEC Bikeswap, or learn skills at a bike clinic. There’ll also be group rides, entertainment, food vendors, and kids’ activities. MEC’s bike mechanics will also be offering free tune-ups on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. Bring your bike, your family, and your riding buddies, and embrace the awesomeness of wheels.



Hosting A Bike Month Event

If you’ve got an idea for a Bike Month event, let us know! We certainly don’t have the monopoly on all things bikey in YEG, so if you have something you want to see happen cycling-wise in Edmonton, tell us about it and we can put it on our calendar or cross promote! We’d be delighted to get the word out.

Perhaps you’d like to host a World Naked Bike Day ride (oh, yeah), a parking meter party, a midnight bike ride, a rousing game of bike polo, or some other bikey thing you already have planned… opportunity abounds! Check out some of these other Bike Months around the world for ideas:

If your group is not on this list, it’s not because you don’t belong, it’s because we aren’t aware.

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