Brite Lite Winter Nite Bike Ride

Brite Lite Winter Nite Bike Ride on February 6th, 2016. Meet at the Victoria Skating oval pavilion. The ride will leave at 6pm so give yourself a little extra time so we can have a good mass start at 6pm.

Our friends over at Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ are putting on a winter night ride so come out in all you bright glory and share a bicycle adventure ride to the Flying Canoe event happening in Mill Creek.

Check out the Facebook event page.

In the spirit of a great winter city the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society has put together the Brite Lite Winter Nite Bike Ride which takes participants through the river valley and along Mill Creek to the Flying Canoë Volant and Winterus Maximus fat bike Chariot Race. The ride has been designed to accommodate riders of all ages and abilities (families welcome!).

Take a look at the whole route:

Flying Canoë Volant

Flying Canoë Volant is a creative, interactive, cultural event, designed to celebrate local history and everything that is great about a long winter’s night. Inspired by the legend of The Flying Canoe and French Canadian, First Nations and Métis traditions, this event brightens and enlivens Mill Creek Ravine and the newly-established French Quarter with light, music, legends and dance!

Winterus Maximus

Think Roman Gladiator chariots meets chuckwagon racing meets dog sledding! As part of the Flying Canoë Volant Festival, MADE (Media Architecture Design Edmonton) is looking for teams to design, build and assemble their chariots and then harness them to two fat-bikes. The race will be held on an outdoor course in La Cité Francophone as part of the Flying Canoë Festival on Saturday, February 6 2016. Check out the chariot sneak preview at the Deep Freeze Byzantine Winter Festival on January 10, 2016.

Light up your bike; Light up the night!

Make sure you brighten up for this ride – and be a real part of the event! The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society will have an assortment of lights for sale before and during the event. Look for EBC at Victoria Park Oval before the ride and at the Muttart Conservatory during the ride to pick up some fun and bright bike lights for very reasonable prices (cash, credit, or debit).

If you’re really keen to be seen drop into either BikeWorks location during regular hours to trick out your bike with lights and accessories from our full selection including super- cool MonkeyLectric bike wheel light systems.

WinterCity Strategy

Visit the City of Edmonton WinterCity Strategy webpage for more information on how the city is celebrating winter in Edmonton, every day!

If you’re joining the ride make sure you dress for the weather and have a bike in good repair as the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters cannot be responsible for individuals safety or equipment. We remind participants that we will be riding on public, shared-use paths and to please be considerate of other trail users especially everyone who will be out enjoying Flying Canoë Volant.

Winter Bike to Work Day 2016

Winter Bike to Work Day 2016 has been set and registration on the website is open for Edmontonians to sign up.

This year the Winter Bike to Work day is slated for Friday, February 12th,  2016.

You can register for your Winter Bike to Work Day ride at their official Website.

This is the third year that Bikeology, Earth’s General Store, and the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society are promoting and involved in the Winter Bike to Work Day.

The first year we did a hot chocolate and doughnuts gathering at the south end of the High Level Bridge and cyclist dropped by for some conversation, treats and comradery.

The second year we had hot blueberry pancakes at Earth’s General Store Downtown.

This will b e repeated again this year. Organic Cafe at Earth’s General Store Downtown will be hosting a Winter Bike to Work Day Pancake Breakfast. It is free, friendly, and fun! Check out our Facebook event page for details. Bicycles and Pancakes – wow – is there anything finer?

City Councillors Scott McKeen and Andrew Knack will be joining our breakfast and at 8am will read the proclamation on behalf of Mayor Don Iveson.

Winter Bike to School Day

There is also a Winter Bike to School Day portal to help collect data and numbers of people that choose this mode of transportation to get to their schools. If you know anyone that would be interested in registering their children or schools in this please point them to the Website.

Winter Walk Day

There is nothing as simple as walking. It is the most ecological form of transportation (though not as efficient as cycling). This year the Winter Walk Day is happening on February 3rd, 2016. So grab your child and walk with them to school but give yourself extra time because your child will make an adventure of it. Invite your partner to head out for a walk around your neighbourhood, or to a local cafe, or just a stroll in the river valley.