Bike Month 2016

It’s that time again.  Bike Month 2016.

What’s happening? Well, that’s up to you.  What are you doing/arranging/planning/scheming for Bike Month?

Here at and VELOfest, we are going to go out riding, so will be winding down the shop.  We have looked around us and we see so many exciting bikey things going on! We are proud and satisfied to have been a part of making Edmonton the #yegbike place it is. We know that other groups and other people are picking up our mantle and taking it for a test-drive (so to mix metaphors).

What do OUR changes mean for YOU?

  • We’ll continue with previous commitments, but will be winding them down,
  • If you have an event you want on our calendar, let us know and we’ll get it on in a timely manner,
  • We’ll attend your events if you give us some lead time,
  • We’ll forward your information to the appropriate groups, including, but not limited to: The Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society (info[at]edmontonbikes[dot]ca) and the Bike Traffic Reporter, Karly Coleman who shows up on Peter Chapman’s show, Full English Breakfast.  You can reach Karly and Peter at bike[at]cjsr[dot]com.

Otherwise, may the wind always be at your back!

Kind regards, the VELOfest team

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  1. Hello, very nice website. My first question is can I register my new bicycle with the YEG P.D. to safeguard against future theft? It is an e bike worth $3000. My last one was stolen and I did not register it or with the manufacturer. I have already contact the manufacturer on this one.
    Secondly, I am considering starting a bicycle club at the University I am attending in fall with the hopes of garnering enough support from the community to lobby making bicycle helmets mandatory for all ages of riders in Edmonton and bring it to city hall. Do you have any suggestions on this that could help or information that might be useful? i.e. has this been attempted in the past and turned down? Why? Is it worth while attempting again?
    Thanks for your reply, Sincerely, Jon Hanzen

  2. Great article and share.

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