Bikeology day velo love!

Bikeology Day! Saturday June 20th, Noon until 5!

Here’s what’s happening on this jam-packed day of velo love!

Music, sweet music: Solar powered

All our music is powered by the solar panels of the Solar Energy Society of Edmonton. Here are a list of the extraordinary musician we have lined up for this day.

Jesikah Holtby

Rob Taylor

Laura Yule Singh

Doug Hoyer

Day Of the Robot

Paul Bellows

Eco Fair Information and stuff for sale that’s related to sustainable living. Learn more, do more, and enjoy the company of those who think we can change this world for the better
Bike Resources come chat to bike stores, bike builders, bike enthusiasts, bike infrastructure engineers, bike touring guides, bike event planers.
Pedal Powered Smoothies get on the bike and power the blender for your own healthy drink of berries, soy milk and bananas
Trials Riders see cyclists move from a stand-still to jumping on a picnic table, hop around on the back wheel only, and dance a beautiful balance dance
Children’s events scavenger hunt, dress up, dancing, structured craft time, bicycle stories, chalk drawing, bike explorers (looking for different bikes on site)
-trials riders – cyclists who can jump sideways onto picnic tables from a stand-still and such
Flat tire fixing race want to enter? come down for 1:00 pm
Scavenger hunt yip, bike related
‘Spoke’n word Mark Henderson reads excerpt from a play he’ll product for Bikeology 2010. It’s set in a bike shop in Belgum around the time when they invented pneumatic tires
Bikes on Buses loading bikes race
Many many prizes
Cool Bikes all over the place for you to ogle
Free Bike Tune Ups minor tune-ups to keep you rolling.

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